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THURSDAY 20th JUNE. (2 Course Lunch & Show.)

SATURDAY 22nd JUNE (Dinner & Show.)

TUESDAY 25th JUNE (Dinner & 1 Hour Show.)

SATURDAY 29th JUNE (Dinner & Show.)

TUESDAY 4th JULY (3 Course Lunch & Show.)

WEDNESDAY 3rd JULY. (School Holiday Drama Day.)

SATURDAY 6th JULY (Dinner & Show.)

SATURDAY 13th JULY (Dinner & Show.)

MONDAY 15th JULY (Lunch & Show.)

TUESDAY 16th JULY (Dinner & 1 Hour Show.)

THURSDAY 18th JULY (Morning Tea & Show)

SATURDAY 20th JULY (Dinner & Show.)

TUESDAY 23rd JULY (Morning Tea & Show.)

SATURDAY 27th JULY (Dinner & Show)

TUESDAY 30th JULY (Dinner & 1 Hour Show.)

WEDNESDAY 31st JULY (Dinner & Show.)



Footlights Theatre Restaurant Show & Dinner reviews

Diane Malone
What a FANTASTIC show. I didn't stop laughing from the beginning to the end. The food was great and all 3 courses came out hot and delicious...bonus points are for that the meals were ALL handmade and cooked fresh on the day 😋 THANK YOU FOOTLIGHTS FOR A FANTASTIC NIGHT OUT!!! I would DEFINITELY recommend this place for a great night's 3 course meal with stage show included.

 A guaranteed night of food, fun and laughter.

Service: 5/5  |  Location: 5/5

​Kristoff Von Hilderschnitz

We came over to Yeppoon a few weeks ago and honestly coming to your show was the highlight of our whole holiday. It was my kind of comedy and the best thing I've ever seen! I wish we had something like that over here in Tasmania. We are still talking about your show and just want to thank you and congratulate you all on your amazing performances and the work you put in.

Level Up Program is at Footlights Theatre Restaurant.

We were privileged to be able to attend Footlights Theatre Restaurant, that houses a vibrant and passionate group of performers who are dedicated to bringing the best of theatre to our local community. This establishment has been open in Yeppoon for the past 46 years and is a testament to the power of following your passion and a reminder that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible.
We witnessed a place of collaboration and creativity, where performers have dedicated their time and energy in developing something so special and unique. This show is hilarious and definitely a must see if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of attending.

Michelle Osborne
This place is absolutely amazing we had so much laughter my cheeks were sore
The food was unbelievable delicious
I recommend people go to Footlights Theatre Restaurant you will not be dissappointed

Judie Kiepe
The best gig in town. What a fantastic evening, can't remember when I've laughed so much and so hard. The food was good old style home cooked, loved it. The show was excellent, so funny, congratulations. Thank you

Susan Eastley
100% good wholesome belly laughs... Fantastic show, wonderful meal, and guaranteed aching from laughing!! Highly recommended, wish we had found this gem earlier. Great job to everyone involved xx


Cosy atmosphere

Great dessert

Comfort food

Stylish interior

We appreciate your support!

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Great food and entertainment with lots of laughs!

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Telegram Bride

Singing Telegrams

Singing Telegrams are Perfect for any Occasion!

We offer you a custom written eight verse song, which is performed by our professional artists with a wide range of characters to choose from.

Call (07) 4939-2399 or click here  to contact us with your enquiry.

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A Real Live Comedy Show!

GAreth Walpole - Footlights Theatre Restaurant

Footlights Theatre Restaurant
We are back!

We are open every  Friday and Saturday night or any day or night of the week for groups of 15 or more.

At the moment Footlights Theatre Restaurant will perform on any day or night of the week but ONLY for group bookings of fifteen or more persons. The fifteen people do not have to be with the one group, as multiple groups and individual bookings are welcome. We will call you to re-arrange your booking if the performance is not occurring on your selected day.

Phone 4939-2399 for more information.

Footlights Theatre School

Footlights Theatre School is held every Wednesday from 3:30 – 5:30pm for children aged 7 to 16 under the tutelage of two experienced Theatre Teachers.

All aspects of theatre are covered, using the excellent facilities available at Footlights. This is ideal for building self confidence and performing and directional skills.

The cost is $25.00 per child for the two hour lesson.

Footlights Theatre Restaurant - Theatre school
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Footlights Theatre Restaurant

123 Rockhampton Road
Yeppoon, Queensland 4703 Australia
(07) 4939-2399

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Paul Eyles

Show & Dinner

Our group attended this fantastic theatre on Friday 6th Nov. Atmosphere just great, food was delicious, with healthy sized portions, and the show was amazing. If you have a weak bladder, be careful as you will laugh your socks off. We all had the time of our lives. Live theatre beats netflixs by a mile.

Paula V

Paula V

A quirky place to stay

We stayed two nights. The owners/actors also rent out rooms and have spots for RV's. Lovely people, three well behaved small dogs. nice library. We shared the kitchen, had our own bathroom. There is a small, slow elevator to get a person upstairs.

Karen J

Karen J

Valentines Day Dinner Show

Mixture of new and old material in the show. Food was good as usual. Lovely ambiance for the occasion too. Miss the black and white mime videos that used to play at the beginning during dinner service.



Show and dinner

What an experience, never have I ever seen anything like this. Laughs all night food was ok, but I don’t think you go here for the food. Good night with family or friends. A must do if visiting Yeppoon.



Show & Dinner

What a sensational night. Laughs galore... always the unexpected!! A generous dose of double entendre.... and the most scrumptious meal. Delicious. Great service. Friendly staff. Fun times all around.
Something for everyone.

Footlights thearte restaurant

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